Remembering 1988: Playoff Pitching Menu

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This photo is take from the New York Daily News. It is a cartoon drawing just as the 1988 playoffs against the Los Angeles Dodgers were about to commence. Look at who the Mets were serving up during those playoffs.





You have to give the Daily News credit. They were very creative with the menu.






How would you like to have these pitchers on the mound for you this year?

Personally, I would not mind having some Pasta Prima-Gooden or Darlinguini.

Just having one of these guys would help our rotation.


Wright: No strain. Torn muscle.

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We now know what is really wrong with David Wright. He told reporters this morning in Port St. Lucie that he tore his rectus abdominis. It was not just a strain. So what is the next step? According to Wright:

Now it’s just a matter of getting back in the swing of things and making sure that I can get back on the field as soon as my body will allow me to, and then get some at-bats.

At least we know what the real injury is. He received his cortisone injection while in New York. It is expected to take 48 hours to take effect.

ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin wrote how Ryan Zimmerman had the same injury last year. He required surgery, which resulted in him missing 60 games. It does not mean that it will happen for Wright. Despite what we are used to seeing with this team, let’s just take things one day at a time.

The Mets thirdbaseman is optimistic he will be ready for opening day providing he gets “a decent amount of time”. Wright is scheduled to do limited work tomorrow. A step in the right direction.

Photo: Mets Go For the Seats

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While interviewing Mets fan, Joey Torres, for an upcoming video, he brought out this ad for Mets tickets.

Those were the days when it was easy to be a Mets fan. Darryl Strawberry had a magical swing. You knew when he hit a home run.

Now, with everything happening with the Wilpons, it is really hard to get the butts in those seats at Citi Field. Maybe the possibility of seeing more Mets home runs will bring Mets fans to the ballpark. They say the players will have a greater chance at winning. When a team wins, the fans do come.

How many of you will be at Citi Field this year? Even if it is just one game.

Look for the interview with Joey coming later this week.

Fan Photo: Meeting “The Franchise”

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r to l: Jose, Joe, and Rich.

CitiField of Dreams readers are sending photos to help CFoD celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the New York Mets.

Jose sent in this photo of him and friends, Joe L. and Rich C., meeting Mets legend, Tom Seaver.

They met him at the 1988 New York Auto Show. Just a group of Mets fans wanting to meet one of their all-time favorite players. The excitement is written all over their faces.

In case you are wondering, Jose is the one with the glasses. Give him some slack. It was eighties.

If you would like to submit a photo, email it to me at with the subject: Fan Photo. I would love to share your stories and pictures.

2012 Mets: Bad Romance?

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Before you all think this is a negative blog, it really is not. It is a poem written by Gonzalo Fidalgo. I thought it was written well and decided to post it to share it with all of you. It is a poem with dreams of what the future holds. Enjoy! Let’s Go Mets!

Oh 12 Mets…Bad Romance

They chose them
and they dont give us a chance.
but I’m still GA-GA for my Mets
in a bad romance.

We wait on a Wilpon
and what a ponzi scam brings.
As we watch # 7 in Miami and
his $100 million hamstrings.

They make bold predictions
about clueless inflections.
But missed the steroid age,
with Bonds & Clemens subscriptions.

I will not predict cards that are wild
or a champagne in a Citifield of Dreams.
But I have flash backs of yesteryear’s
and to me what this team means.

Whats in store for us in OH’12?
I dont know, I am not Gonstradomus.
But I do know the SANDY era
is now upon us.

I love # 15
let him win.
But without King Albert
he is a Cardinal sin.

Keep watching STRIKE 3.
Your departure is our healer.
If it wasn’t for you,
there would be no Zack Wheeler.

The present is cloudy,
but the future brings,
Orange and Blue Ticker tape
and 2 more rings.

Personal Log: Being a Mets fan is a privilege

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Photo Credit: Karen Sokolowski

I get it. The Mets are the joke of Major League Baseball. They have not accomplished anything since 2006. Their owners are being sued. Players are constantly injured.

The Mets training and medical staff are nothing more than a laughing stock. We hear jokes about our team on the radio, television and read about it in the papers.

Yet despite it all, I consider it a privilege to be a Mets fan.

You may think I am crazy. Think about this. When was the last time you believed in anything? When was the last time you were part of organization who’s motto is “Ya Gotta Believe“? The New York Mets give us that.

Two other Mets fans on Twitter feel the same way. Here is what they had to say:

@JoeyStugotz6: privilege bc I grew up rooting for the underdog team, & Mets were the team I loved (ie: Todd Hundley)

@Tyler_TSH privilege, because we can honestly say that we are NOT bandwagoners, and it shows. And when we win a WS, it will feel so better.

@RobPatterson83 (Mets Can it be both? Privilege to be part of the best fan base in baseball, but the franchise just might be cursed..

You and I both know that you did not believe in this team during the winter break. The thoughts running through your mind were all negative. You agreed with what was being written and spoken about them.

Then it happened. What people thought could not happen. Johan Santana took the mound and pitched two strong innings yesterday. He stood on a mound. It was not on flat ground. He pitched. He did not just merely throw a ball.

It may mean nothing to some. To me, it meant everything. It meant this team believes. It meant there is a burning desire in this team to do something. All it took was an ace who seemed to have nothing left after surgery two years ago.

Jeurys Familia Photo Credit: Karen Sokolowski

I find it exciting to be a Mets fan. It is thrilling to see our young kids in the farm come to spring training all bright eyed. It gives hope to those who feel they may not accomplish their dreams. These kids fought hard just to get an invite. Now, they are on their way to being our next Doc Gooden or Darryl Strawberry. They will have an impact on this franchise for years to come.

Believe in this franchise. Forget what is happening in the front office. Only look at what is happening in Port St. Lucie right now. The Mets are going for it.

The message Terry Collins is sharing with this team is believing in themselves. If they do not do that, then why should anybody else believe?

There it is. It is not a message just for the players. It is a message everybody could benefit from. Never doubt. Always believe. A true fan sticks around and believes even when their eyes tell them not to.

The 7 Line: Mets Gear Must-Haves For 2012

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If there is one thing all Mets fans enjoy doing is shopping for their Mets gear in time for the 2012 season. Well I have done some digging around to give you the best gear and where to get it. This part of my job, I rather enjoy.

We are going to start with the most awesome 7 Line merchandise. You all know about this shop because it has been seen on MSG for the Boomer Esiason and Carton show, all over Citi Field and of course their now infamous calendar. Well, here is the gear you need to have for Opening Day at Citi Field.

This is the latest shirt to come out from the 7 Line and it is the best shirt to come out. I am a big fan of it.

It is the Keep Calm and Cheer On shirt. It is THE must have t-shirt for the 2012 season.

With the future looking so bright with prospects like Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, Mets fans should just take deep breaths, stay calm and just keep rooting hard for your team.

You are known for never giving up. So don’t. Stay calm. Buy a shirt. Anybody want to get me this shirt? Hint. Hint.

Price: $20.00

The Shea Catcher t-shirt is the most popular shirt being sold on this site. Do I have to explain why? Think Gary Carter, Mike Piazza and now Josh Thole.

This is for all of you who love catchers and miss the old ballpark. It is available in two styles for women (tank and t-shirt) and in t-shirt form for the guys. The hat is $25.

It also comes with the hitter (tank for women and t-shirt for guys) and pitcher. All that is missing from this collection is the fielder.

Price: $20.00

Next up is one all of you can relate to: SELL THE TEAM.

This is the perfect shirt for all Mets fans that want the Wilpons and Saul Katz out of ownership. Some blame everything on the Wilpons, but Katz gets some blame to. So if your mission is to get the message out there, here is your chance.

This is definitely on the top 5 list for the site. Are you really surprised?

Price: $20.00

The Loyal t-shirts speak out for the true die-hard Mets fans out there. This is something that I stress with you guys. I have recently come across several Mets fans who became Yankee fans over the winter break. They are not deserving of these shirts.

This is for all of you have suffered, and continue to suffer, with this team. They are your team until the day you die.

It comes in two colors for men (white and grey) and only grey for the ladies. I think we would’ve looked better in white. That is just me.

Price: $20.00

Last item that I think makes the perfect gift for all of the Yankee fans in your life, including friends and family. It is the latest shirt just in time for the 2012 season.

We all know that fan base only grew after 1996. Where were all of the fans when the team was in the cellar? They were all Mets fans. Well, here you go.

This is for all of the 55 percent or more bandwagon Yankee fans. I hope you are all proud of yourselves. It is easy to jump ship when your team sucks. When the Mets take this city over again, there is no room on our ark for you. Back up and piss off!

Price: $20.00

So there you have it. Head on over to the 7 Line to get your 2012 Mets gear. Don’t be caught at Citi Field without it. You just might be the only one.

Links: Carter, Collins on Harvey, Play a Different Type of Ball, Site News

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Baseball is back and there is so much to get to. Here are some stories I thought you all would like.

Recently I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on the Phil Naessens Show for a tribute to Gary Carter. It was quite a moving show when you hear what other players had to say about him as a man and player. Check out the show here. I will be appearing on the show again on March 14 to talk about the 2012 Mets. You can like his show on Facebook here.

“April 2012 will mark the 50th anniversary of the New York Mets, one of the most popular and culturally significant baseball franchises.” Three days to celebrate the Mets 50th Anniversary at Hofstra University.

Kerel Cooper from On The Black had a chat with Terry Collins about his impressions on Mets pitching prospect, Matt Harvey.

Darren Meenan from the 7 Line is in Port St. Lucie having some fun. He had a chance to play ball with the guys.

You can check me out on The 5 Tool Show tomorrow night to talk Mets baseball and more. The show airs live Tuesday nights at 9pm EST.

There is an upcoming video blog featuring you the fans coming up this week. Be on the lookout for it. You can subscribe to the CFoD YouTube Channel for all of the videos when they are uploaded.

There is going to be some changes to CitiField of The site will be unavailable for 36 hours as I make some much needed changes. You can like the fan page on Facebook to be updated on when this will happen.